rent envoy: envoy Hosted Service

envoy Hosted Service provides you with all of envoy's advantages on our servers in almost no time. The integrated cryptography ensures that you won't have any security disadvantages. Envoy Hosted Service is high performing and fail-proof, and can be cancelled at a month's notice.

Hosted Service pricing options

envoy Hosted Service basic standard enterprise
Internal users 2 5 30 *
internal users
15 € 10 € 4 €
External users unlimited unlimited unlimited
Traffic (1) inclusive inclusive inclusive
Server space (2) 2 GB 20 GB 100 GB
Folders unlimited unlimited unlimited
Workflow unlimited unlimited unlimited
Provisioning fee (one-off) 99,99 € 49,99 € -
Monthly fees (3) ** 69,99 € 149,99 € 499,99 €

* Volume-Discounts for internal users are available. Contact us!
** This offer is available for business users. All prices are exclusive of GST. Monthly fees are paid by direct debit.

(1) Fair Use: after a monthly transfer volume of 250 GM (basic-standard) or 500GB (enterprise), bandwidth is capped. Should you require higher transfer volumes on an ongoing basis, we are happy to make you an individual offer.

(2) If desired, envoy's integrated life-cycle-management will automatically minimise the required server space. If you would like to use envoy not only for transport, but also for data storage, you might need additional server space. In this case, we are happy to make you an individual offer!

(3) (3) Tariff updates are free, and available at any time.

Every tariff can be terminated by giving notice to the end of a calender month.

buy envoy: envoy Enterprise License

An envoy Enterprise License allows you to operate envoy on your own server. Installation into your own network offers marked performance advantages for large transfer volumes.

Maximal flexibility for your company

Would you like to use envoy at different sites? Do you need envoy to interface with your existing IT solutions? Do you need support?

In this case, envoy Enterprise License is the best choice for you. Our consultants are happy to make an individual offer!