envoy - secure data transfer for businesses

envoy addresses a company's typical requirements for secure data transfer. envoy features consistently strong cryptography, flexible meta-data per file transfer, workflow-support and simple deployment, thereby offering optimal file transfer management for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


  • (Security)²

    Strong cryptography + sophisticated rights-based access control model = maximal security!
  • LARGE files

    Data of any size are reliably transported.
  • Control plus Convenience

    The management interface is both powerful and simple.
  • Users and Groups

    The central user management controls who can see which data.
  • Platform-independent

    envoy runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Simple

    envoy is as uncomplicated as e-mail and leaves you more time to focus on the basics.
  • Package insert

    Fully-definable meta-data for each file transfer avoid excessive communication.
  • Compression

    envoy compresses all files on dispatch. You won't need any additional tools!
  • --- -- --- ---

    Lost connection? No Problem, envoy will resume seamless transmission as soon as possible.
  • Life Cycle Management

    Files with an expiry date are automatically deleted after a pre-defined period.
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envoy controls access rights and groups in the data transfer process


Feature: Web front-end for up- and downloads

The web interface expands envoy's areas of application

envoy has always offered maximal security without jeopardising comfort by using native desktop applications. Only through the use of these applications is envoy able to reliably transfer your data interruption-free and consistently encrypted.
The new envoy web interface allows you to make data available even without using an envoy client – with only minimal compromises in security.

Mohn Media arvato trusts envoy

enterprise file transfer management

Mohn Media arvato - one of the biggest print services – fully supports envoy for secure data transfer. In large teams and with multiple external suppliers, envoy can really show its full potential.


envoy is recommended for companies that regularly exchange files with external partners and do not want to take any risks. And of course for any companies that would like to make their file transfer consistent, comfortable and efficient:

  • Banks
  • Insurances
  • Publishers and print offices
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Agencies and services
  • Governments and organisations
envoy helps establishing secure data transfer for businesses, teams and individuals


Comprehensive safety concept

Only envoy will encrypt your data strictly without interruption from the sender to the recipient....without any chance to wiretap! To top things up, a group-based rights system controls who can see the data.

Optimal Workflow

envoy notifies all authorised parties about the current workflow state of a package, and automatically clears up any data that is no longer used.

Interruption tolerance

Sketchy connection? No problem. envoy resumes the transfer as soon as the connection has recovered. Field services: rejoice!

The FTP-alternative for businesses

envoy simplifies the administration of large user groups and high transfer volumes. The envoy client is easily installed and is available for all common operating systems.